Wednesday, November 14 2018

Why Pull-ups Are Not Just For Bodybuilders Anymore

The pull-up routine, you’ve seen it everywhere from Men’s Health magazines to your favorite fitness lifestyle Youtuber. The concept is simple and straight forward: you do pull-ups either daily or every trip to the gym, working your way up to 10 per day, then 20, then 30. *Pro Tip: This is MUCH  […]

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Tuesday, October 2 2018

Examples of Technology Influencing New Industries

If you walk into any of the remaining big box chains that are still alive that focus on electronics like Best Buy, you are fully expecting to see some of the newest tech innovations available to the public. You’ll find awesome computers, high-end smartphones, and the newest streaming entertainment  […]

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Monday, December 11 2017

Why Lightning Technology Is the Way of the Future for True Music Lovers

lightning headphones ebbs.jpeg

Apple’s dropping of the headphone jack was widely regarded as a huge and unbelievable mistake. Starting with the iPod and later the original iPhone Apple made it’s name by providing the ability to bring your music with you wherever you went. Fast forward a year and people seem to have largely let go  […]

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Monday, October 23 2017

Benefits of LED Technology

Over the previous few years, the use of LED flood lights has increased dramatically. Be it the stadiums, the theaters, the warehouses, or the playgrounds, LED flood lights have certainly taken over the rivals including the CFL lights, standard incandescent lights, or the halogen lights. There is no  […]

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Monday, July 17 2017

Shipping From China: Seas Wrought With Challenge


Ask any international project manager or CEO what the most stressful aspect of their manufacturing process is and nine times out of ten it will undoubtably be "logistics". But what do they mean when they say "logistics"? The term is so broad, covering the whole process form final  […]

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Saturday, July 15 2017

Hell’s Kitchen’ Contractor Goes to Heaven with Symantec

What a way for a company to approach its 50th Anniversary. ECSEC’s server had been compromised by an intruder and was relaying thousands of spam messages every hour selling counterfeit software. As a consequence, emails to/from this small, dynamic UK retail and bar refurbishment firm were blocked  […]

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