Jackpot Jamba Slot Game

Jackpot Jamba is for online slots players who enjoy classic games, yet don’t care much for 3-reel slots. This game is a five-reel nine pay-line slot machine which features quirky graphics, and a party theme which lands the whole game a lighthearted, happy atmosphere. Although its graphics aren’t exactly top-notch, the Jackpot Jamba offers everything a modern video slot could possibly deliver. It has wild and scatter symbols and it even gives players the possibility to win a massive progressive jackpot. In this respect, its name is indeed spot on.

As with every progressive jackpot slot machine, we recommend that you play maximum coins on the Jackpot Jamba whenever possible, because you don’t want to let that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip by if you happen to be lucky enough to hit the big one.

Besides its impressive progressive jackpot, the Jackpot Jamba offers another uniquely attractive feature: winning symbol combinations count even if they do not start on the leftmost reel. This feature does indeed take a lot of frustration out of the game as players will no longer have to see their winning symbols lands on all the wrong reels.

The game is available in play money version on several sites all over the Internet, so players can actually take it for a test spin before wagering any real money on it. Of course, in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot, players need to play the real money version.

In order to hit the progressive jackpot, players have to land five jackpot symbols – not exactly an easy feat to accomplish, but definitely worth one’s while. The wild symbol of the Jackpot Jamba acts as an effective substitute for any of the other symbols in a winning line.

The game offers five bet levels, and it goes without saying that the more money one wagers, the more money he or she stands to win according to the pay-table.

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